Information bout the island of Lipsi


Lipsos or Lipsi is a very small island with white whitewashed scattered homes and churches.
It is an island where the motors and cars is minimal and where the largest part of everyday life evolves in the port of the island.
Lipsi is a very beautiful and authentic island where during the day you can enjoy the spectacle of the fishermen who catch octopus that would spend the same early evening in tavernas on the island! For quiet holidays with plenty of swimming and walking.

Lipsi located north of Leros island and and east of Patmos. Lipsi consists of two volumes of land crossed by a narrow neck with a width of 400 meters. It is the only island of the group of Lipsoi with residents and has a total area of 16 square km and a long of a lace coastline with a population of about 600 residents. the Lipsi group of islands has about 24 islets forming an impressive island group witch you can visit by daily trips from the island of Lipsi . This is a quiet island that is still outside the large tourist mainstream. It is ideal place for someone who wants to spend quiet vacation and enjoy the sun, sea and holidays.
The size of the island is such that you will not need a car because you can cover most distances on foot, motorbikes or the coach of the municipality.

The only settlement on the island located in the middle of the island, the village of Lipsi. Behind the harbour spreads the scenic village of Lipsi with white houses and blue doors and windows. In the centre of the village is the church of St. John Theologos with the blue dome. In the ground floor of the church you can visit the archaeological collection of Lipsi. Other settlements of the island is Kouselio, the Katsadia and Kamares.The beaches of the island in Platys Gialos, Liendou, Katsadia, Monothentri and many others.